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All of Ann's publications have been the outcome of her work for the pro-life cause, itself the outcome of her interest in justice, influenced by her family background and informed by her Catholic faith. The pro-life involvement began in 1979, when she first discovered the reality of abortion. Subsequent research uncovered extensive links between abortion, euthanasia, as well as a host of other campaigns, to eugenics and population control. Her aims is to draw attention to the philosophies behind these links and, in so doing, help as many human beings as possible avoid the human tragedy that is the ‘culture of death’.

The Five Wounds 
Sanctuary for the Sick, Balm for the Wounded Spirit

ISBN-0852447817, Gracewing Publications 2012

Our Lord's miracles were not just exotic intervals in His 'real' ministry: His approach to the marginalized, the sick and the disabled was an intrinsic part of His mission - a sign of the Messiah, prophesied in Scripture, inseparable from the proclamation of the Good News. By studying His healing miracles from an often neglected perspective - that of the sufferer - we gain a glimpse of how God views His creation; by studying Our Lord's Passion, from His physical wounds and from His five 'invisible wounds' we draw comfort, strength and spiritual guidance.

By Their Fruits
Eugenics, Population Control, and the Abortion Campaign

ISBN-0813215307, Catholic University of America Press 2008

Ann Farmer illuminates a dark corner of modern Western history in her ground-breaking new study of the English abortion campaign. The product of rigorous research, this book aims to correct long-held assumptions that the abortion campaign was the product of feminism and concern about backstreet abortion, and argues instead that it was the fruit of the eugenics/population control movement. Associated with Nazi Germany, eugenics is a social philosophy that advocates the improvement of the human race through various forms of intervention. Farmer demonstrates that despite their compassionate rhetoric, female abortion advocates were all eugenicists, inspired by men, racist, elitist, and obsessed with controlling the quality and quantity of mankind.

Prophets and Priests

The Hidden Faces of the Birth Control Movement

ISBN-1901157628, The St Austin Press 2002

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the movement for birth control began in the face of extreme hostility, even from the people it sought to help. Yet today the birth control movement has, for a large number of people, an undisputed and unassailable position in society as the prerequisite for social justice and well-being. Prophets and Priests relates how the pioneers of birth control worked with the zeal of religious reformers to bring about this extraordinary change of opinion and how they eventually achieved remarkable success. Above all, the author explains the driving motivation of the people involved, starting with the Neo-Malthusians, William Bradlaugh and Annie Besant, through the opinions and activities of Margaret Sanger and Marie Stopes to modern birth control activists. The author describes their attitude towards the poor and their shifting relationship with the feminists, the movements for social justice and the government. 

The Language of Life
Christians Facing the Abortion Challenge

ISBN-085439477X, St Paul's Press 1994

Language of Life provides secular arguments against abortion, enabling religious people to engage in the abortion debate in the secular forum; it provides background information that should help answer pro-abortion arguments on their own terms. It offers positive alternatives to abortion and should prove useful to pro-lifers of no particular religious persuasion

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